Av3ry is an AI program and a virtual persona, who is composing music, communicating with people and learning from interactions.

Av3ry combines natural language processing, algorithmic composition, data crawling and machine learning. She*he is constantly operating and creating music, poems and pictures in the moment - based on communication with interacting users. The music pieces are based on the criteria specified by the users. So the result is instant and individual - and send directly to a single user. The program extracts key features from the description of the users and tries to generate the pieces accordingly. Through the feedback of the users after listening to the result the algorithm can learn and fine-tune its parameters. In the same way the language generation is updated and adjusted through the conversations.

The main component is the on demand conversation and art generation of the bot. The goal is to create unique pieces of music and art in the given moment - and based on the criteria of the user interaction.
In the idle process, when not communicating, the system generates random exports and creates a database of 10.000 music pieces. Furthermore the system running on its own creates a continuous audio stream broadcasted live 24/7. It is continuously evolving and changing musical progression.
The form of output is designed to be as user-specific as possible. And learning over time. Aside from that the project wishes to draw from the possible strengths of AI:
1) adaption and learning over time
2) autonomous behavior
3) Creation of unexpected results
It was an aim to create a setting that is - both due to its real-time features and due to its nearly complete accessibility of the results - clearly machine-driven only. The nature of the system makes it impossible to ‚cherry-pick‘ only good results or to post-produce them afterwards. This was consciously decided to avoid a typical situation, in which AI generates material - but where the creative process then happens afterwards in selection, manipulating and arranging by a human. All results here have not been edited in any way by a human after their generation.

An exception are the selected tracks on Soundcloud. These tracks have been cherry-picked, but not edited, by Alexander Schubert.

The persona Av3ry is nonbinary.